The Argument for Smarter Infrastructure

The Argument for Smarter Infrastructure

IoT is just the beginning for smarter building

A recent article has discussed the importance of IoT technology for infrastructure going forward, saying that infrastructure plans need to be smart in every facet, including design, funding and execution.

Smart technology allows infrastructure to accurately measure usage and demand, creating smart metering and congestion pricing that is now commonly see on tollways.

Caralynn Nowinski Collens of UI Labs looks to cities like Barcelona for inspiration for the U.S., citing their grid structure for public transportation as an example. By building smart technology into the foundation of new projects, the city has increased bus ridership 30 percent in four years.

Collens goes a step further to say that private and public partnerships must work together to ensure these technologies are implemented in things like roads that can measure traffic with sensors, light posts that can monitor air quality, and garbage bins that know when to empty based on weight.

Planning for these smart technologies would also see an increase in jobs, especially for engineers, programmers and data scientists, according to the report.