First Berkeley Workshop Starts Saturday

First Berkeley Infrastructure Workshop Starts Saturday

Three workshops will collect input from the community on how to repair the aging infrastructure

The city of Berkeley is reaching out to community members in order to get feedback regarding the spending of a new bond from Measure T1. According to a report, three workshops have been planned to collect input, and the first starts on Saturday, March 18.

The T1 bond will give the city $100 Million, and the first workshop will focus on city parks and facilities while others focus on streets, stormwater infrastructure, and more. All of these items are set to be improved with the new money.

“Current projects include seismic and other improvements to the James Kenney Community Center, reconstructing the Berkeley Rose Garden Trellis and improving paths there, renovating the tennis and basketball courts at Grove Park, paving streets, repairing or building sidewalks, and installing green infrastructure projects that help reduce flooding and protect our creeks,” according to a statement released by the city earlier this month.

City staff has created recommendations after looking at safety needs, sustainability and more.