Polls Show Kansas City Infrastructure A Divided Topic

Polls Show Kansas City Infrastructure A Divided Topic

A new survey shows some topics, such as flood control, could be in trouble

A new survey shows some questions on Kansas City’s infrastructure ballot could face problems. Three infrastructure questions on the ballot require a 57.1 percent approval in order to pass.

According to a report, the city has proposed borrowing and spending up to $800 million on infrastructure improvements over the next 20 years. 56 percent of voters support a question seeking $600 million in bonds for streets, bridges and sidewalks while questions two and three has 50 percent support and 55 percent, respectively.

Question 2 seeks $150 million for flood control, while question 3 is seeking $50 million for a new animal shelter and other city building upgrades.

“This does not track with what we believe to be the case, but regardless we’ve always known this race would be close,” Steve Glorioso, consultant with the pro-infrastructure campaign, said. “What’s important is for everyone to get out and vote.”