10 Best States for Infrastructure

10 Best States for Infrastructure

U.S. News listed its top states for public transportation, commute times and internet access.

U.S. News has released its 10 best states for infrastructure. The site took into account transportation, energy and internet systems. Other metrics such as commute time and road quality were also taken into account. Here is the list of states, as well as some context for the rankings:


10. Illinois: 19 percent of roads were listed as in poor condition, 80 percent of households have internet access, and 6 percent of energy comes from renewable sources.


9. Nebraska: Nebraska has a commute time of 18 minutes, 5 percent of roads that are in poor condition, and 80 percent of households with internet access.


8. South Dakota: 35 percent of the energy in South Dakota comes from a renewable source and 11 percent of the state’s roads are in poor condition.


7. Colorado: Colorado has a commute time of 25 minutes and 90 percent of households have internet access.


6. North Dakota: This state has the shortest commute time in the country at 17 minutes, and a reliable power grid.


5. Minnesota: 14 percent of the energy in Minnesota comes from a renewable source, and provides a grant program for broadband providers.


4. Nevada: According to the report, Nevada ranks No. 1 for transportation and for its bridges.


3. Utah: For the 2002 Winter Olympics, Utah renovated much of its infrastructure, specifically its public transportation system.


2. Washington: Almost half (47 percent) of the state’s energy comes from a renewable source.


1. Oregon: Oregon receives 49 percent of its energy from renewable sources.