California Transit Buses Get New Security

California Transit Buses Get New Security

All Golden Gate transit buses now have a new security system and Wi-Fi.

In an effort to make rides more secure for passengers, assist law enforcement and determine liability in accidents, all the Golden Gate transit buses now have new security camera systems.

The project replaced aged and obsolete security camera systems on existing buses and standardized camera systems across the 177-bus fleet. Transit authorities used already existing Wi-Fi to allow for real-time video streaming as well as remote downloads of footage as needed. The buses have a total of eight cameras, five in the interior and three on the outside.

The bus fleet had about 97 new buses already equipped with updated video surveillance equipment, but 80 older buses had systems that were obsolete and no longer worked with their new system.  Washington-state based Apollo Video Technology is providing the new system.

The $900,000 project replaced 80 obsolete camera systems and also set up the 97 newer systems with the features that allow for video retrieval.

About 22,000 people ride Golden Gate buses each weekday in Marin, San Francisco, Sonoma and Contra Costa counties.