Big Street Repairs Up to Dallas Voters Next Month

The city's $1.050 billion 2017 bond package is on the Nov. 7 ballot as 10 propositions, each being voted on individually. If they pass, projects will begin late this year or in January 2018.

Leaders of the city of Dallas hope their voters are eager to see streets, parks, and some city facilities repaired and some flood control and drainage improvements made soon, possibly starting later this year if the city’s $1.050 billion 2017 bond package passes on Nov. 7. The package is on the ballot as 10 propositions, each being voted on individually, with the largest being Proposition A, streets and transportation, at $533,981,000.

Tristan Hallman, The Dallas Morning News' City Hall reporter, wrote Oct. 17 that city officials "first plan to issue $350 million in bonds to help refinance current debt and complete some of the remaining projects that were in the 2006 and 2012 bond packages." He explained that the city officials decided to put the bond package on the November 2017 ballot rather than the May 2017 ballot because they were still working to come up with a fix for the Dallas police and fire pension system in the 2017 state legislative session in Austin.

Early voting will begin Oct. 23 and end Nov. 3. The bond package's measures are:

  • Proposition A: Streets and Transportation, $533,981,000
  • Proposition B: Parks and Recreation, $261,807,000
  • Proposition C: Fair Park, $50,000,000
  • Proposition D: Flood Control and Storm Drainage, $48,750,000
  • Proposition E: Library Facilities, $15,589,000
  • Proposition F: Cultural and Performing Arts Facilities, $14,235,000
  • Proposition G: Public Safety Facilities, $32,081,000
  • Proposition H: City Hall and City Service and Administrative Facilities, $18,157,000
  • Proposition I: Economic Development, $55,400,000
  • Proposition J: Homeless Assistance Facilities, $20,000,000