• NYC Department of Buildings Sets May Conference Date

    This year's build safe│live safe Conference on Friday, May 10, will be a daylong series of seminars in which department experts discuss industry trends and highlight safe construction operations.

  • Creating an Electrical Safety Culture: The Dangers of Complacency

    Complacency can be dangerous when it comes to protecting the face and hands or properly protecting yourself from devastating electrical shock hazards.

  • How Much Awareness is Too Much Awareness?

    We are already struggling to tread water in a sea of devices vying for our attention. When connected safety programs are properly implemented, these can be a life raft, and with some work, a speed boat to navigate these waters.

  • Report Finds Construction Fatalities Continue to Increase in New York State

    In the "Deadly Skyline: An Annual Report on Construction Fatalities in New York State" report, researchers found that while New York State has seen an increase in fatalities related to construction, construction fatality rates in New York City construction continue to decrease.

  • Two Ag Safety Days Coming Up in February in Washington State

    This year's agenda features sessions on tractor and ATV safety, confined spaces, machine guarding, hazard awareness, sexual harassment prevention, distracted driving, and more. Many workshops will be presented in both English and Spanish.

  • L Trains' Shutdown Averted in NYC

    MTA's L Train service provides 400,000 daily rides. The planned repair work on the L Train Tunnel to repair damage caused by Hurricane Sandy could be completed on nights and weekends only, with a single tube providing continued service in both directions during work periods.

  • The State of Contractor Safety

    Host employers have experienced significant success within their employee safety programs by engaging their workforce and adopting a management systems approach to safety/health improvement.

  • Technology Innovations, Workplace Culture Enable a New Level of Construction Safety

    Project teams can collect and view data across project sites—in real time, from any smart device—and drill down to the worker, equipment, or incident level.

  • Retail, Health Care Had Highest 2017 Drug Positive Rates

    "Our analysis suggests that employers can't assume that workforce drug use isn't an issue in their industry. In fact, drug test positivity in the majority of industry sectors analyzed is growing," said Barry Sample, Ph.D., senior director, science and technology, for Quest Diagnostics Employer Solutions. "The highest rates were in consumer-facing industries, including jobs in retail and health care and social assistance."

  • Next 'Coffee with MIOSHA' Set for Dec. 21

    Lawrence Hidalgo, director of MIOSHA's Construction Safety and Health Division, is scheduled to be the featured speaker at the event in Marquette