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  • Study Finds FDA Oversight of Fentanyl Prescribing Inadequate

    "Both the FDA and the fentanyl makers failed to design and implement an effective monitoring program," said the study's senior author, Dr. G. Caleb Alexander, M.D., professor of epidemiology and medicine and co-director of the Center for Drug Safety and Effectiveness at the Bloomberg School.

  • DOT Agencies Requiring Spill Response Plans for HHFTs

    The final rule requires railroads to develop and submit Comprehensive Oil Spill Response Plans for route segments traveled by High Hazard Flammable Trains that are transporting petroleum oil in a block of 20 or more loaded tank cars and also trains that have a total of 35 loaded petroleum oil tank cars.

  • NYC Department of Buildings Sets May Conference Date

    This year's build safe│live safe Conference on Friday, May 10, will be a daylong series of seminars in which department experts discuss industry trends and highlight safe construction operations.

  • If It's Super Bowl Week, Counterfeit Cops Are Busy

    Special agents from ICE teamed with industry, Customs and Border Protection, Atlanta police officers, and other partner agencies to identify flea markets, retail outlets, and street vendors selling counterfeit goods during the week leading up to Super Bowl LIII. They seized fake jerseys, hats, cell phone accessories, and thousands of other bogus items.

  • Report Finds Construction Fatalities Continue to Increase in New York State

    In the "Deadly Skyline: An Annual Report on Construction Fatalities in New York State" report, researchers found that while New York State has seen an increase in fatalities related to construction, construction fatality rates in New York City construction continue to decrease.

  • Michigan Agency Conducting Snowmobile Patrols

    During the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend alone, five snowmobilers died in the state. So far this winter, nine snowmobilers have died in Michigan.

  • Michigan Agencies Making Food Safety Inspections

    "A seamless food safety regulatory system that involves many regulatory layers on the federal, state and local levels is key to preventing foodborne illness and protecting public health," McDowell said. "We hope our federal partners are back to business as usual soon, which will bring all food safety efforts up to full capacity."

  • IMO Leader Focused on Seafarers' Training

    Several key questions will require focus from all stakeholders, IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim said, including what standards seafarers will be required to meet with respect to education, training, and certification to qualify them for the jobs of the future.

  • Colorado DOT Warns Backcountry Users About Leaving Unattended Vehicles

    "Always obey road closures set in place for avalanche control mitigation and wait until authorities open the highway to ensure snow slide operations have been completed and roads cleared," said Matt Bennett, the CDOT maintenance foreman who supervises operations for US 50 Monarch Pass. "Backcountry users should never leave vehicles near or adjacent to snow slide areas, which are always well marked with signs."

  • HSE Targets Farm Hazards

    Farming is the most dangerous industry in Britain, with the latest figures showing 33 people died in agriculture settings during 2017/18. The country's agricultural industry has a fatal injury rate about 18 times higher than the all-industry fatal injury rate, according to the agency.