Public Works

  • Canada Makes Caregiving, Parental Benefits More Flexible

    Caregivers who provide care to a critically ill or injured adult family member will have access to a new benefit of up to 15 weeks, and immediate and extended family members of children who are critically ill will, for the first time, have access to a new benefit that was previously available only to parents.

  • CSB Meeting Nov. 14 on Two Macondo Blowout Recommendations

    The board is scheduled to discuss changing the status of two recommendations to the Department of Interior in its 2016 final report on the Deepwater Horizon blowout and spill, as well as the status of current investigations.

  • Fall Protection: Are You Fully Prepared?

    Thorough fall protection requires a culture of safety as well as OSHA-certified fall prevention measures.

  • Confined Space: Preparing for Rescue

    Not being able to rescue a worker from a confined space has a devastating impact on the company and, more importantly, the employees.

  • Keys to Effective Head & Face Protection

    The National Safety Council's "Injury Facts, 2017 Edition" informs us that the most expensive lost-time workers' compensation claims are for those involving the head and central nervous system.

  • New Alliance Focused on Diisocyanates

    OSHA and the American Chemistry Council have joined in a two-year alliance to raise awareness of workers' exposure hazards and promote the chemicals' safe use in the polyurethane industry.

  • AIHA, ASSE Sign Cooperative Agreement

    "In order for us to ensure protection for workers, it is imperative that all organizations with shared interests work together. We must pool our resources – people, power, knowledge, and skills – to present a united front against threats to worker health and safety and to promote the field of industrial hygiene," said AIHA President Deborah Imel Nelson.

  • The Most Important 2018 Changes in NFPA 70E

    Are you prepared to make the changes in your facility for the 2018 NFPA 70E updates?

  • Looking Ahead to NSC 2018

    Houston's George R. Brown Convention Center is the setting for the National Safety Council's big annual conference next year.

  • DOL Offering Grants to Aid in Disaster Response Following Irma

    Included in DOL assistance is that OSHA is posting guidance to help employers keep their workers safe during cleanup and recovery operations, and most OSHA programmed enforcement actions will halt in affected areas to avoid disrupting recovery operations. An OSHA Emergency Response Team will provide compliance assistance.