• Executive Order Creates DriveOhio Center

    "Our goal is to make Ohio the premier destination for researchers, developers, and manufacturers to test, build, and deploy advanced mobility solutions that will make our roads safer and less congested," Ohio Gov. John R. Kasich said.

  • Thirteen States Earn Advocates' 'Worst' Rating for 2017

    "Our country is approaching nine years without a single death caused by a commercial aviation crash yet, today, we can't go 15 minutes without a single death caused by a motor vehicle crash. Going forward, the most promising and pragmatic strategy at hand is adopting safety laws and advancing available safety technologies," said Jackie Gillan, President Emeritus of Advocates.

  • CDC Study Finds Highest Adult Asthma Deaths in Construction, Health Care

    The annual number of asthma deaths among persons ages 15 to 64 declined significantly from 1999 to 2016, "most likely reflecting improvements in asthma management and effectiveness of prevention efforts," the authors find.

  • FAA Drone Registry Tops 1 Million

    The 1,000,000 total registration figure includes 878,000 hobbyists, who receive one identification number for all of the drones they own, and 122,000 commercial, public, and other drones, which are individually registered.

  • IOSH Offers Guidance on Construction Nanomaterials

    The documents discuss how nanomaterials are difficult to identify in construction materials because they are rarely precisely labeled, and a product labeled as "nano" might contain nanoparticles or nanofibers, might be based on nanoscale film, or might simply be labeled that way to make it seem new and different.

  • Your Year-End Safety Celebration Could Be Hiding Risk

    We can't use lagging indicators—counting what has already happened—to evaluate our exposure to risk accurately.

  • Create a Culture of Safety and Good Business Will Follow

    Ultimately, construction safety must become a habit and practiced by everyone every minute.

  • Cold (Work) Comforts

    The CPWR "Working in Cold Weather" Hazard Alert recommends being proactive and alert, taking frequent breaks in a warm area, working in pairs so either one can spot the danger signs, and notifying a supervisor or summoning medical help immediately if a worker has signs or symptoms of hypothermia or another cold-related illness or injury.

  • El Faro's Captain, Owner Faulted by NTSB

    He could have steered the ship away from the hurricane, the safety board found, and it concluded poor oversight and an inadequate safety management system of the ship's operator, TOTE, contributed to the sinking, which killed 33 crew members.

  • FRA Delays System Safety Rule Another Year

    The rule would require commuter and intercity passenger railroads to implement a system safety program. FRA's Nov. 30 notice says rail labor organizations filed a single joint petition seeking a delay, and state and local transportation departments and authorities filed three other petitions.