• NTSB Safety Alert Concerns Protecting Bridges from Fire Damage

    It is based on a collapse that occurred about 6 p.m. on March 30, 2017, in Atlanta. About an hour after long-stored construction materials under I-85 were set on fire, a 92-foot-long elevated span of I-85 collapsed.

  • Autonomous Railroads? FRA Seeks Input

    Among the questions the agency asks are what are the safety and security issues raised by automation in railroad operations at public and private at-grade highway-rail crossings, and to what extent should DOT coordinate with state or local governmental entities on certain safety or security issues.

  • Enhanced Time Based Separation Implemented at Heathrow

    NATS announced that, working with Leidos and Heathrow Airport, it has launched the world's first fully systemized Optimized Runway Delivery tool. It will improve punctuality at the UK's busiest airport.

  • NIOSH Research Can Help Construction Workers Avoid Injury

    Construction workers are at high risk for developing MSDs because they are frequently doing manual lifting and material handling tasks, using repetitive motions, and may be exposed to vibrations and inconsistent working conditions.

  • Urgent NTSB Safety Recommendation Follows Liberty Helicopters Crash

    The agency's March 19 recommendation seeks an FAA ban on flights using unsafe passenger harness systems.

  • Top-Line Concerns

    Head and face hazards are a constant for workers in construction, waste management, and in some manufacturing settings.

  • Preparing for Automated Driving Systems

    Weighty questions about the technologies include how the current standard for stability control testing can be amended for ADS vehicles that have no steering wheel.

  • EASA Publishes First Opinion on Safe Drone Operations in Europe

    The formal opinion is a step toward keeping drone operations safe and secure and the adoption of concrete regulatory proposals by the European Commission.

  • Executive Order Creates DriveOhio Center

    "Our goal is to make Ohio the premier destination for researchers, developers, and manufacturers to test, build, and deploy advanced mobility solutions that will make our roads safer and less congested," Ohio Gov. John R. Kasich said.

  • Thirteen States Earn Advocates' 'Worst' Rating for 2017

    "Our country is approaching nine years without a single death caused by a commercial aviation crash yet, today, we can't go 15 minutes without a single death caused by a motor vehicle crash. Going forward, the most promising and pragmatic strategy at hand is adopting safety laws and advancing available safety technologies," said Jackie Gillan, President Emeritus of Advocates.