• Transforming the Industry

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to gain momentum every day, and it is already poised to augment and enrich many aspects of our business and personal lives.

  • Passing Prop 24

    Supporters of Prop. 24 posited the CCPA privacy law, even though it had just gone into effect earlier in the year, wasn’t strong enough.

  • The New Normal

    With the waves of the COVID-19 pandemic spreading across our nation like wildfire in 2020, the new normal had to adapt itself quickly to all situations.

  • Learn to Walk Before Running

    Today’s analytics are not only better able to differentiate between true security incidents and false alarms, but can be programmed to trigger when a given event occurs.

  • Meeting the Current Crisis

    Even as we appreciate and applaud our healthcare professionals, most of us can do little more than watch as systems everywhere face the tremendous pressure caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Biden Signs Executive Order calling for Semiconductor Supply Chain Review

    President Biden has signed another executive order addressing growing concern over a global semiconductor shortage.

  • DHS Announces Process to Address People in Mexico with Active MPP Cases

    Building on a series of Executive Orders recently, the Biden Administration is announcing another step in our phased strategy to reform the nation’s immigration system.

  • Alejandro Mayorkas Sworn in as Secretary of Homeland Security

    On Feb. 2, Alejandro Mayorkas was officially sworn in as the seventh Secretary of Homeland Security.

  • The New Age

    During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, commercial passenger air travel in the United States dropped by more than 90%.

  • Bringing Trust to the Workplace

    As businesses and governments enter a new era of workplace safety, two prerequisites are preparedness and the ability to pivot quickly.